My book colleion

i see a RUST book !! you are also RUST fan ? because i am and i am also learning rust basically i am fan of systems programming.

how is that RUST book and also give review on c++ primer
Rust book is good, but outdated for now since RUST has come huge steps forward with all the new stuff, but it is really good book to start and you can adapt quickly updated RUST parts easily.

C++ Primer book is top rated book for beginners and even advanced users havent started it yet today i will start to read and maybe some weeks i can give better Review on it, but as i said top selling and top reviews on stores etc it cant fail too much
here's mine, but its really just uni stuff... lol


On the otherhand, heres my ebook library.

That's lots of ebooks

I prefer real books since I'm staring screen already too much so I can just relax on real books and my eyes loves that

I used to have a pretty extensive library of books, but this is years ago now, and lost it all with the house, but it's something i plan to work on, I ordered a few old secondhand (good condition) Hardback starwars books the otherday (mostly just cos i was feeling a bit nostalgic when i seen them on world of books) lol
Is that your own script? For the tagging system I mean.
yeah i shared it in LC, lol i literally made it just for this... but I've improved it now.

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