Hi, I'm Antimony.


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Jun 12, 2023
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Not someone who's particularly skilled at introductions or breaking the metaphorical digital ice, but hey, that plunge might as well be taken now.

That being said, hello folks, I'm Antimony (antimony721 on discord)- an Information Technology major in his Sophomore year, interested in most things Linux (duh) and foss, machine and deep learning, and most other CS topics (except graphics but that's a story for another day). I'm also interested in football (soccer for the Irish/US/Canadian folk hre), and gaming interests primarily entail Pokemon romhacks, and some of the 2D Metroid games.

Generally a lurker, feel free to message me on this forum or on discord :)
Welcome Antimony! :)

Coffee is over *there* , tea over *there* and here is the wifi password *********************
Welcome Antimony
Welcome Antimony! :)

Coffee is over *there* , tea over *there* and here is the wifi password *********************

Haha, thanks for letting me in- the community does feel like a cozy coffee shop having a small group of regular patrons, as well as a revolving door bringing in new faces regularly- quite the nice place indeed.

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