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Jun 13, 2023
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So i should dox myself a little bit, that's alright
Hi i'm rdxdt, first learned about linux on some old hacking forums back in early 2000's, since i had dial-up my first linux experience was thanks to canonical service of delivering Ubuntu discs through mail, to this day i have these discs somewhere, when i got ADSL at home then the distrohopping started(i guess it is a linux rite of passage), tested Damn Small Linux, and Fedora and eventually landed on openSUSE and that's where i anchored my boat, but with the advent of virtualization i pretty much used for a bit all the major linux distro(Debian, Arch, Gentoo) Since i was 10 or so i liked computers, specially programming, making a computer do what i wanted was something magical for me, so when i started my graduation in Computer Science the hard part was math, all the rest i pretty much did easily because i already knew most of the stuff.
Bonus stuff:
  1. I work at a family owned software development company.
  2. I don't really enjoy programming stuff at work, stuff there are boring, and following government regulations is a pain.
  3. I enjoy hardware hacking/modding my own stuff, for some reason making things do what the manufacturer intended is really pleasant.
  4. I keep my toothbrush on a black box with a UVC lamp.
Welcome rdxt!

Seems we have much the same introduction to the world of tech, and same feelings about uni
welcome rdxdt!

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