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Jun 19, 2023
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So what's everyone's hypervisor of choice here? I prefer Proxmox for VMs that other people can use, and virt-manager for experimenting with different operating systems on my own. I've gotten pretty good at manipulating QEMU and virt-manager over the past few years, so if anyone has any questions about either of the above platforms, please let me know!

I'm pretty fond of Proxmox, i run all my stuff as Proxmox ct's on a dedicated server, and locally I mostly use docker for development, with some wsl use on Windows hosts.
+1 for Proxmox, it does all i want it to do and have my Homelab in it, though i use VM's and not Containers

Ovirt is to complex for what i do and never tried xenserver

For Local stuff i prefer Podman if its just a throwaway environment and i like to build binaries in a podman container. For VM's i use Libvirt/QEMU with virt-manager

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